Tiki culture became very popular in United States in the last century, especially after the World War II, when most of American soldiers that were sent to the South Pacific returned home. This popularity increased even more after 1959, when Hawaii became a U.S. state. In this period lots of restaurants and bars with Tiki themes appeared throughout the country. Even if the Tiki is a Polynesian tradition, Tiki décor is mostly used for bars, poolside patios and decks to give a decorative and stylized version of the art that originates from the South Pacific. You can now have a Custom Tiki Sign made for your bar to give it the personalized feel.

Tiki Signs and Wall Art

Tiki Signs and wall art include carved plaques, masks and different signs painted with tiki motifs. Some manufacturers can also make inflatable tiki ceilings or walls for special occasions like parties or weddings.

Carved statues called Moai are a hallmark of this culture, and are monolithic statues that were found on Easter Island. These statues are basically giant heads and are considered to hold mystic powers from the deceased clan chiefs. Today these statues are used for Tiki art and decorative items also. It is quite hard to put a 50 foot monolith into your bar, but you don’t have to buy a statue this large, of course. You can find these statues in different sizes to suit your taste, so just pick one you like.

Most people don’t have room for big statues, thus they prefer to buy miniature moai. These statues are easier to maneuver and can be placed on a table, or hung on a wall or in a restroom.

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Tiki mugs are very important if you have a Tiki bar and you want to impress your guests. You can serve different drinks in these totem mugs that have the shape of ancient gods, or in glasses that have dancing hula girls in grass skirts painted.

You can find different sized completely designed and built Tiki bars. Originally, the Tiki bars were simple Tiki huts found on islands and were made from bamboo or other type of wood with grass roofing. A full-sized Tiki bar can cost a bit, if you want it to be exactly as the originals you found on those exotic islands, and is the absolute perfect focal point for having a great time!