For those who consider that their home needs more decor elements, wooden custom Tiki signs can be a great addition. These Tiki Decorations and Signs can be custom made, to express your preferred message or style, or can be pre-made. The last ones can be found in a lot of places that also have home decorations and are made to blend with almost any style or color. Unfortunately these signs lack your personal touch. If you want, you have the possibility to actually customize these pre-cut wooden signs, thus adding a nice touch to the decorating part.

Custom Carving

Custom Carving

custom carving master

Custom Carving Master

If you want to buy or build a certain wooden Tiki sign, before making the choice you should consider some of the design aspects. If you want to build one, then you will find hundreds of instructions since a wooden sign can be built in lots if ways from drilling, cutting or painting to carving, routing or attaching planks and designs. The simplest way is to use some basic tools to create the sign and water-resistant paint to paint it and to make sure that your sign will last for a long period of time.

Before starting to cut or drill, you should first design the custom Tiki sign. For this, you must have a purpose and a place where the sign will be placed. Any images, text or other decorative elements you want to include should be preselected. This way you will certainly know how large the sign must be in order to include everything.

If you do not want to do this yourself, TikiMasters offers first class custom sign carving for all of your decoration needs.

Tiki Torches

Some Tiki Torches can add a lot to the atmosphere of your home by creating a tropical oasis feel that will transform your outdoor zone into a nice and exciting island. The torches can also provide enough light for all your night outdoor or birthday parties, back yard picnics or reunions.

Tiki Carvings and Statues

These carvings and statues are mostly used in bars, restaurants, pool areas and patios. They represent various gods from South Pacific cultures  and are usually made from dark wood.  Hawaii signs are very popular among Americans. A normal Tiki statue can have a few inches or over 10 feet, and they can be placed either inside (usually, the small ones) or outside (the big ones).