You should not consider Hawaii signs as simple pieces of wood, because they are much much more. These signs don’t just present the name of some Tiki surf shop, bar or any other establishment; they are real pieces of art that represents different symbols from the Polynesian fauna and flora. These signs give a nice Polynesian touch in any space or place they are placed.

There are a wide range of types available from Vintage Hawaiian Signs to simple Aloha Signs. Most of the times they are used in places designed to have a specific Tropical atmosphere like Tiki resorts, bars, hotels, spas or any other place where you can lay back and experience the exotic atmosphere. You can also find Hawaii signs in shops and those places where the lifestyle of a surfer is promoted.

Tiki signs vary from simple ones that have only one or several letters to complicated ones that besides letters or entire words represent a Tiki deity. The designs are pretty varied and the colors used match the location or space where the sign will be installed. Since these Hawaii signs are done in a wide range of colors, materials and variations you will easily find one sign that will suit your taste.

All authentic Hawaii signs are made from wood, starting from bamboo to hard essences. Besides wood, the craftsmanship can also use other materials, based on the sign’s purpose. All Welcome and Aloha signs are carved in hardwood and Hawaiian symbols, animals and aquatic life are used to decorate it. These signs can be found in different sizes from 12 to 20 inches. You can also find big signs that are painted and carved on hardwood like the surf board signs.

Signs made from Bamboo are usually simple since they are used primarily in Tiki Hotels, resorts and Huts where there are lots of decor elements. These signs are used to mark rooms or other places and to present the name of the place. In some situations you will find bamboo tiki signs that represent Tiki gods, like the Tiger Bamboo. These signs are a bit more complicated and have different facial expressions.